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video and video analysis

Video and video analysis

(surf and surfskate)

- See yourself surfing/doing surfskate to understand what you actually doing on the surfboard/surfskate;

- Identify your mistakes seeing them; 

- Have an experienced coach explaining you how to correct them.

- Get a technical knowledge and training tools that will allow you to keep training independently, inside and outside the water and to keep improving.


Max 4 people per lesson

Who is this service for ?

How does it work ?

Seeing yourself surfing/doing surfskate on videos and having an experienced surf coach giving you a detailed explanation of what you are doing well, what is wrong and how to improve are one of the best tools for an efficient and fast progression in surfing. Video and video analysis are necessary tools to improve, especially for intermediate and advanced surfers.

It can also be a really useful tools for beginner/intermediate levels (what we call level 2) to understand what they are doing on the board, their paddling technique, surf stance, body position etc. 


Very often, what you think you are doing on the surfboard/surfskate and what you are actually doing, are two different things.

If you are serious about improving your surfing, video analysis is a must.


I film the session with high quality equipment.


The small group approach (max 4 people) and my experience guarantee that no waves will be lost.

After filming your surf/skate session with high quality equipment I will analyze your videos with you.

Video analysis last around one hour and includes:

- Evaluation and explanation of the current situation of     your surfing;

- Detailed explanation of the correct technique and how   to correct your mistakes;

- Training tools that will allow you to keep training independently, inside and outside the water and to keep improving.

Surf lessons video and video analysis Portugal Organic


These lessons are in a lot of way different from the others (I have tried a few!)

Carlo is an amazing teacher who takes time to explain you everything about a spot before. He gives you feedback during all the lesson. I improved a lot thanks to him. I also have started a skate training with him. It helps me a lot in my maneuvers. And most important ... always having fun :-) Thanks !!!



— Alex Sitz

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