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Skype video analysis

- Evaluation and explanation of the           current situation of your surf;

- Detailed explanation of the correct         technique and how to correct your mistakes;

- Training tips to improve your surfing;

- Video with all the feedbacks and tips        provided to use before each session.                  


Skype video analysis

(surf and surfskate)

Who is this service for ?

What does the session include ?

Video Analys is key to improve your surfing and it is one of the best tools for an efficient and fast progression in surfing.

It is a necessary tool for intermediate and advanced surfers that want to improve their surf technique and any aspects of their surfing from paddling to the wave choices. 

will explain you what you are doing well, what are yours mistakes, the correct technique in detail and how to improve with specific training tips.

Send up to 5 videos of one maneuver or one of other aspects of your surfing (paddling, take off, surf stance, technique to catch green waves, trajectories, wave choice, positioning in the line up, wave usage) you want to improve.

If you are not sure about your performance and which aspect you need to improve, send me 5 videos, I will evaluate them and we will start working on one aspect at the time.

Once I receive the videos I will analyze your surfing and I will then organize a Skype session with you to do an interactive analysis. The duration of the Skype session is 1 hour.

The Skype session include:


- Evaluation and explanation of the current situation of         your performance;

- Detailed explanation of the correct techniques and how to correct your mistakes;

- Training tips to improve your surfing.


I will create a video that will show you which movements you are doing well, your mistakes and how you can correct them with training tips to use during your surf session and outside the water.

This video will be sent to you after the explanation of it during the Skype session and you can see it before each surf session to help you improving your surfing.

The video will be sent by Wetransfer so that you can see whenever you want.


How to submit your video?

- Send the video by Wetransfer using the email: or by WhatsApp using the number +393314561306;

- Make the payment for the service and send the proof of the payment by email;

Price: 50€

How does it work ?

surf lessons video and videoanalysis online


These lessons are in a lot of way different from the others (I have tried a few !)

Carlo is an amazing teacher who takes time to explain you everything about a spot before. He gives you feedback during all the lesson. I improved a lot thanks to him. I also have started a skate training with him. It helps me a lot in my maneuvers. And most important ... always having fun :-) Thanks !!!



— Alex Sitz

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