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Training with the surfskate will make you surf better and learn faster

Updated: May 28, 2021

Surfskates teach you how to surf and they will help you to improve your surfing skills significantly. You will be able to use the body movements and all the skills learned on the surfskate immediately on a surfboard.

Training with the surfskate is really good for beginners:

- Helps to improve balance;

- Helps to learn the right body position to be taken on the surfboard (surf stance). It is really helpful to understand where to put the front and back foot;

- Makes you learn how to shift your body weight back and forward as you do when you ride a surfboard.

Training with the surfskate is really good also for intermediate and advanced surfers:

- Helps to learn how to generate speed because if the surfskate is used correctly generating speed on the surfskate requires the same body movements as generating speed in a wave with the surfboard;

- Helps to learn the correct technique of every surf maneuvers. With the surfskate you can turn like you do with a surfboard. You can learn how to do bottom turns, cutbacks, top turns;

- Helps to create a long-term muscle memory. With the surfskate you can repeat the movements more time than you can do on the surfboard, this allow you to perform turns without conscious effort on the surfboard;

- Helps to identify common mistakes and to eliminate them easily then you can do with the surfboard. With the surfskate you can repeat the surf maneuvers a lot of times and you have more time to think about things like where your eyes are pointing, what your hands and arms are doing, is your body extending and compressing in the right moment etc;

- Helps to improve your stile making your body movements more fluid and smooth.

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